We are all on our unique paths in life, and we do our best.

Our health is sacred, and sometimes it’s not at its best.

At Centerpath Wellness, we help you feel better
and healthier through acupuncture, herbal medicine,
nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

Ease your symptoms. Feel stronger and more vibrant. Find that sense of balance to live the life you love, only better.


Located in the heart of beautiful Austin, TX, Centerpath Wellness is an acupuncture and natural health clinic devoted to you and your family’s general health needs.


Whether acute or chronic, a sprained neck or osteoarthritis, acupuncture is excellent at helping injuries heal and alleviating pain.

It reduces inflammation, increases circulation by bringing fresh blood to areas that often lack it, lubricates joints, and increases endorphins, all by stimulating your body to heal itself.


Irregular periods, feeling hot and sweaty, headaches, fatigue, amenorrhea, endometriosis. Hormones are at the crux of our body’s operation.

When in balance and at optimal levels for the phase of life we are in, we feel good. That’s because our systems are functioning how they should. Acupuncture and herbal medicine excel at regulating hormonal rhythms, helping us feel healthy and vibrant again.


Central Texans, take note! Chinese medicine is not only good at relieving allergy symptoms, but actually strengthens the immune system and helps our bodies become less reactive to pollens and irritants.

It reduces inflammation, nourishes deficiency and balances the immune response. Herbs and acupuncture expedite recovery from colds and viral infections, and reduce the severity and frequency of asthma attacks.


Low energy, poor appetite, nausea, neurological symptoms, constantly changing types of pain. When in the midst of chronic health challenges, life can feel frustrating and even hopeless.

Chinese Medicine can often do the seemingly impossible, easing a multitude of symptoms at once. By increasing endorphins, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and balancing hormones, acupuncture treats the underlying root, improving symptoms and overall well-being.


Constipation, gas, bloating, reflux, cramping, irritable bowel, Crohn’s. In the East, digestion is considered the Earth of our bodies.

Just as the earth grows food, our digestion grows good health and stable energy. Food is medicine, and eating the appropriate diet for your unique situation & constitution, while balancing hormones & stress through acupuncture and herbal medicine, keeps symptoms at bay.


Insomnia, restlessness, irritability, palpitations, anxiety, depression, dream-disturbed sleep, waking too early. We live in a world where we are constantly stimulated, overworked, and stressed.

Often, it is hard to turn off the mental chatter, resulting in poor sleep, dips in energy, and further stress. Acupuncture stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and increases endorphins, allowing the body to relax at a very deep level (some find deeper than sleep!), restoring energy and vitality, and easing emotions.


Acupuncture is wonderful for maintaining a healthy and comfortable pregnancy & delivery, and for post-partum recuperation.

Acupuncture during pregnancy has been shown to reduce mean labor time and decrease the need for intervention. It reduces pregnancy-related symptoms like nausea and back pain, and provides support as you create the mental and emotional space to welcome this new being. Post-partum care is too-often overlooked, but in Chinese medicine is viewed as critical to nourish mama back to health and help her sustain her strength during this huge and draining transition.


Colds, ear and nasal congestion, gas/bloating and digestive trouble, rashes, restlessness, difficulty focusing. Yes children can be treated too.

In fact, children respond quickly and usually love treatments. We use acupressure, massage, acupuncture, herbs and food therapy when working with children. From babies to teens, we welcome your little ones.


Dizziness, numbness, rashes, nagging unexplained symptoms: we can treat a lot! That’s because Chinese Medicine views the body as a complete ecosystem, with each organ, emotion and tissue working synergistically.

Symptoms are warnings of something being amiss. When we treat, we address the imbalances, not just the symptom, helping the body re-connect to its inherent wisdom to heal itself and restore balance to the system. If you’re wondering if we can help, call us! Most likely, the answer will be yes.

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